The Best Easter Dinner in Mississauga

As a break from the Lenten season, most Easter traditions call for hearty, meaty foods along with indulgent treats and the freshest vegetables. Gabriel’s Restaurant in Mississauga has the perfect dishes to exceed your Easter holiday expectations. You don’t need to head into Toronto for an exquisite meal, and you certainly don’t need to mess up your own kitchen to enjoy the holiday either.  

At Gabriel’s Restaurant, you could start with the Beef Carpaccio, a truly indulgent appetizer. Canadian prime beef tenderloin is thinly sliced and drizzled with herb-infused extra virgin olive oil. Fine Himalayan pink salt is sprinkled on top, and the finest black truffle oil follows closely behind. Arugula and capers lighten the dish, and Padano cheese ties it all together. Is there a better combination of luxurious culinary elements?

Good Friday Favourites

Perhaps you’ll find an equally stunning pairing for your Good Friday meal.  At Gabriel’s, you can find traditional Good Friday items such as the Fine Seafood Halibut, a delectable mild fish from Canadian oceans. The sweet fish is wrapped in prosciutto to retain its juices and placed on grilled bread. Then, piccata sauce, a white wine, lemon butter and herb cream sauce, is served as the perfect pairing. A poached egg is placed on top. On the side, you’ll enjoy hearty roasted potatoes and an assortment of fresh spring vegetables.

Easter Family Feast

If you’re in the mood for chicken, another Easter dinner favourite, you’ll find many juicy options. Among our specialities is a chicken lover’s first choice: Pollo Involtini. We take organic chicken breast and marinate it to retain juices and maximize flavour. Our chefs then stuff the chicken with a mixture of spinach and fine cheeses. It’s topped with a uniquely blended sauce, combining tomato, cream, and wild mushrooms. This layered dish comes to your table piping hot with fresh spring vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.

The Finishing Touches

At Gabriel’s, we know that fine food needs a well-balanced wine to go along with it. If you’re having some of our famous seafood for Good Friday or during the Easter holiday, we suggest pairing our white 2015 Sauvignon Blanc from St. Francis, California. Or if you’re a red meat lover our 2015 Merlot from L’Arista, Chile, is a warm and smooth favourite.

Don’t forget dessert, especially on when a little bit of chocolate is always welcome! Our chocolate brownie cleverly combines crunchy nuts and rich chocolate with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream. For a lighter, but no less delicious treat, try our flourless chocolate pudding cake which is served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream. You can’t go wrong with any of the homemade desserts on the menu – a perfect end to your dinner.

Easter Dinner in Mississauga

If you want a family Easter dinner in Mississauga that hits all the right notes, you’ll find the perfect meal at Gabriel’s Restaurant. Join us on Good Friday and Saturday evening for your Easter holiday celebrations! Contact us or call 905-567-5218 to reserve your table for this special occasion.