The Best Fall Comfort Food

As the trees in Mississauga burst into fall colours and a cool breeze has you searching for your favourite sweater, you may also find yourself searching for a warm meal that feels like home.

Fall is the season to curl up with comfort food! Looking for a romantic evening out, a family Thanksgiving or a simple meal to appreciate with your friends? At Gabriel’s, we’re delighted to be your Mississauga restaurant go-to for comfort food favourites that will fulfil all of your fall cravings.

What Makes Comfort Food, So Comforting?

There’s a reason we crave comfort food when it starts to get cold out. Comfort food is warm and heavy. It fills us up – giving us sustenance for the long winter ahead. Maybe our craving for comfort food is instinctual, like a bear filling up on salmon before a winter hibernation.

All we know for sure is that our hearty, warm dishes like our Gabriel’s Meatloaf hit the spot for comfort seekers. Gabriel’s meatloaf is a slow-baked dish that has layers of savoury flavours and no shortage of meat. Plus, we top it off with a thick, warm gravy that will remind you of your Nonna’s Thanksgiving gravy.

Food From Our Family to Yours

Speaking of Nonna, there is something else that comfort food does. It reminds us of home, of our childhood, of a place where we were safe and cared for. At Gabriel’s Restaurant, many of us look back fondly on our upbringings, which were full of hearty kinds of pasta scooped onto our plate (for a second or third helping) by our grandmothers.

That’s the kind of comfort food we want to share with you this fall. Each of our pasta dishes is authentic, delicious and made with the freshest ingredients. Plus, we believe in designing our dishes with a little something special in mind. Each of our pasta dishes from our Penne ala Vodka to Mushroom Ravioli has that homemade quality that truly comforts and fills you.

Friendships and Comfort Food

If you weren’t a fan of pasta as a child, we bet you loved pizza! We usually eat pizza during our best bonding moments. As a child, it was birthday parties. As an adult, you have pizza during impromptu gatherings or when you’re moving your friends into their new homes.

Though many of us consider pizza a “fast” food, when done right it’s much more than a quick slice. At Gabriel’s Restaurant, our Baked Pizza is the grown-up version of a childhood delight. Our pizzas are just as cheesy and fun to share with friends. We’ve added some mature, even decadent ingredients that we know you’ll enjoy!

Fall Dessert Recipes to Try

Of course, we can’t forget about those of us who love sweets. Dessert is the ultimate comfort food. Gabriel’s Decadent Chocolate Brownie is a warm, heavy dessert that’s worthy of finishing off your autumn harvest meal. Don’t wait to satisfy your sweet tooth! Invite your loved ones to join you for a comfort food splurge, and contact us at Gabriel’s Restaurant to make your reservations today!