Top Christmas Food and Drink Treats

Christmas is a magical time of year for so many reasons, some of which are sparkling decorations and catchy songs, not to mention spending precious time with family, friends and loved ones.

Another major staple of Christmas is the food! In fact, food often brings all of the above together. There’s nothing quite like a fresh batch of warm Christmas cookies, or a traditional turkey dinner complete with all of the trimmings to really get you into the Christmas spirit.

Read on to discover our top Christmas dishes and drink staples this Holiday:

Christmas Dinner Essentials


One of the most popular choices for a Christmas dinner. Turkey pairs well with stuffing or cranberry sauce (heck, why not both!). Tis’ the season after all… Picture a perfectly cooked, succulent bird with golden skin, topped with a beautiful pour of gravy.


The diverseness of stuffing makes it a great choice to accompany any turkey. You can add any ingredients to make it the kind of stuffing you and your family will love. Everyone has a certain kind of stuffing that’s their favourite, often a recipe that’s been passed down over the generations. Pork and apple is a popular choice, with cranberry and bacon being a great festive addition. Try adding chestnuts to make it extra special!

Root Vegetables

No dinner would be complete without some hearty vegetables. Turnips, carrots, parsnips, and yams are often the front-runners. These vegetables can be cooked in a variety of ways. Mashed is always a good choice for turnip and carrot. You can’t beat roasted parsnips though. Cover them with a sticky honey glaze for a delicately sweet taste.  

Sweet Christmas Treats

Christmas Cake

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without fruitcake! A rich, boozy cake, you can use the drink of your choice (brandy and whisky are popular choices). Then cover it in a nice layer of marzipan and icing.


Nothing smells of Christmas like gingerbread. You can get creative by building a gingerbread house and add extras like candy and icing. Gingerbread syrups can also be added to warm or cold drinks for a festive twist.

Afternoon Drinks


Served in a little glass and topped with grated nutmeg, this is a Christmas special. You really can’t beat eggnog as the ultimate Christmas drink. Made from beaten egg, milk and sugar and served as is, or mixed with brandy, rum or your alcohol of choice. Consider adding a candy cane for a cute twist, or create a big batch and let everyone help themselves.

Hot Chocolate

Although this can be enjoyed all year-round, there’s something quite special and magical about hot chocolate at Christmas time. Get creative with your flavours. Try adding cinnamon sticks or fresh vanilla pods. Chocolate orange and peppermint taste delicious too. Of course, topping it with marshmallows and whipped topping is a must!