Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Gabriel’s Restaurant

Sure, everyone knows that roses, chocolates and gifts are all well and good on Valentine’s Day, but what about the gift of time? Spending quality time with a loved one, talking over a candlelit dinner, drinking great wine and enjoying tasty food? That’s the kind of gift you should be giving this year.  

Read on for Valentine’s inspiration and why you should come to Gabriel’s Restaurant on (or around) February the 14th.

Why You Should Definitely Eat Out on Valentine’s Day

Home cooked doesn’t always mean more effort. Putting research into a specific restaurant that means something significant, or going some place new that you’ve both wanted to try certainly shows you’ve put in the time, which is bound to make a good impression. Plus, you get to try some nice food along the way, too.  

Did we mention that you won’t have to do any cleaning when you’re done? Fine dining means being waited on, which is a luxury fit for Valentine’s Day. Plus, when you don’t have to clean up you’ll have more time to spend with your special someone.

Don’t be put off by the fact that most restaurants will be busy. It’s true that the atmosphere will be buzzing. Love is in the air, along with the aromas of rich food and friendly chatter. That’s why you should make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

So, get your best clothes on and head out to Gabriel’s Restaurant this Valentine’s Day!

Food, Glorious Food

Food is often the way to someone’s heart. Fine dining is especially appealing to a foodie (a lover of food), or anyone wanting a great tasting experience.

Gabriel’s has an extensive menu featuring everything from pizza and pasta, (try the fettucine fantasia, you won’t be disappointed) to fine meats and seafood. A list of Gabriel’s specials is bound to showcase something to tickle your fancy. Our main dishes are to die for and why not up the romance by sharing your appetizers?

Wine of a Time

Wine is just as important as the food, or even more so if you consider yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur. Gabriel’s Restaurant showcases an impressive wine menu with everything from house reds and whites, to wines by certain regions, and of course, specialty wines.

There’s something to whet your appetite and to compliment all of our dishes. Feel free to ask any of our dedicated servers about wine choices if you are a little unsure.

Delicious Desserts

There’s just something about desserts that screams romance (especially creamy and indulgent chocolate concoctions). Make sure you leave room for one of the best courses on our menu.

Choose from homemade classics like: Chocolate Brownie; Tiramisu Mousse and Vanilla Parfait. Feel free to share a spoon and feed each other little mouthfuls, if you can bare to give any away that is…Whatever your tastes, there’s something for everyone here at Gabriel’s Restaurant. Make a reservation for you and your special someone this Valentine’s Day so you don’t miss out! We look forward to welcoming you!