Why Wait Until Father’s Day To Celebrate Your Dad?

Whoever decided that Father’s Day would be in late June was quite clever. Usually, the third Sunday of the month has the perfect weather for a BBQ, and most Dads love to eat something fresh off the grill. Meeting up for burgers, shrimp, and other grilled delights is the perfect way to celebrate with your father and thank him for all the ways he has supported you over the years.

However, why wait until that actual day? Has Dad been stressed lately, and low on time? Or, does he just deserve a break after all of the work he’s been up to? It may be best to ask Dad to meet up at Gabriel’s Restaurant. Enjoy your time together with fresh air on our patio, amazing food from our chef, and refreshing drinks – your Dad will feel right at home. If you come to Gabriel’s Restaurant, he won’t have to lift a finger and you can focus on spending quality time with him.

Hot Off the Grill

Gabriel’s Restaurant has a wide selection of freshly grilled foods to choose from. From wild salmon to burgers, we have something for everyone in your family.

Of course, our grilled favourite would have to be our steaks. We offer the highest quality beef with fine marbling that leaves every mouthful tender and flavourful. They are Canadian prime or USDA prime, house cut, in 10, 12, and 14-oz steaks. We also have 8 oz center cut Prime Grade beef steaks, if you really want to spoil your Dad.

We serve our steaks done to your Dad’s liking cooked with one of three sauces. The first, wild mushroom black truffle oil ragout is an indulgence that adds more savoury flavour to the steak. Gorgonzola sauce is a creamy addition, and peppercorn sauce adds that traditional sizzle and “pop” that some Dads prefer.

Many of our guests choose to add a grilled shrimp skewer to their steak. It’s practically a Father’s Day staple around here!

Our Patio

As the weather is warming our patio would be the perfect setting for you and your Dad to relax, sit back and enjoy the evening.

Come And Join Us

Whether your family is large or small, come and join us. Gabriel’s Restaurant now caters to large functions of up to one hundred people. Groups of twenty or more can have our buffet. If your party isn’t quite that large, just make a reservation ahead of time. Remember, our patio will fill up quickly!