Best Wines to Complement Your Summer Meal

Summer is a wonderful time to spend enjoying delicious food and beverages with friends and family. Whether you are dining with one other person or are part of a large dinner party, take the time to consider which of our fabulous wines would pair best with your summer meal. Here are some of our suggestions and favourite summertime wine pairings.


Chardonnays are a great pairing for seafood. This white wine is smooth and light and is enjoyable alongside salmon, shrimp, fish or other seafood – especially when prepared in a rich sauce.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Nothing goes better with a nice juicy steak than cabernet sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is known to cleanse the palate so that you can enjoy each delicious bite to the fullest. Lamb chops are another great option with cabernet sauvignon if you are looking for something other than steak.

Sauvignon Blanc

While sauvignon blanc pairs well with many fish and vegetarian dishes, it also is recognized for its ability to pair with tangy dishes. The unique taste of sauvignon blanc blends well with foods that have strong or exotic flavours.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is the perfect partner for pasta dishes. This beautiful wine blends nicely with creamy dressings and cheeses. As well, pinot grigio is a lighter wine so it does not sit too heavy alongside pasta, which is a carb-heavy choice certain to satisfy anyone looking for comfort food.

Pinot Noir

The red counterpart of pinot grigio, pinot noir is frequently enjoyed with pork dishes. Having said that, a pinot noir pairs well with most meats, especially if you are looking for a sweet compliment due to its fruity notes.


Merlot is a great red wine to have on hand because it goes well with almost everything! The flexibility of merlot makes it a super choice to have around for unexpected guests, to bring along when you don’t know the menu, or for a situation where there are multiple courses featuring different foods.


Do you love old cheese? Zinfandel wines are the perfect accompaniment for a charcuterie board featuring different deli meats and cheeses such as parmesan, aged cheddar, aged gouda, and asiago.


Shiraz is the answer for your family feasts! It pairs well with dishes such as roast beef, grilled lamb or stewed beef. If you’re putting on your eating pants, don’t forget the Shiraz to bring everything together!


Having an event with mainly appetizers? Sometimes that’s enough in the summer heat. Rieslings are the perfect light wine to compliment a variety of different types of food at once. Load up your plate with an array of finger foods and wash it all down with a crisp Riesling. Looking for a night out? Let us do the cooking at Gabriel’s Restaurant. We’ll be able to recommend the perfect wine from the list mentioned above to go with your favourite meal. Reserve a seat at our restaurant today.