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AmazingItalian Food In Mississauga

Enjoy Fresh and Flavourful Food
If you are looking for best food in Mississauga, Gabriel’s Restaurant is the one place you might want to visit. Having served patrons for nearly two decades, the restaurant offers flavourful meals made with fresh, tasty ingredients. The food is prepared right on the spot and the selections are astonishing. There is something on the menu that will satisfy just about everyone. Of the family restaurants Mississauga has to offer, Gabriel’s Restaurant is the one with both stellar service and stellar food.

Bill Bountas, executive chef and owner, opened Gabriel’s Restaurant in 1996. He has decades of experience in fine dining from areas as diverse as Toronto, South Florida, and the Caribbean. Gabriel’s location was chosen to offer a downtown experience in the West End, providing fine dining at an affordable price while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Combining his knowledge and love for food, Bill delivers a unique dining experience that can only be found at Gabriel’s. His vast knowledge of different flavour combinations has resulted in a menu that appeals to diners with a variety of tastes. Accommodating every guest, the team at Gabriel’s is also highly trained in nutrition and special dietary needs.

Experience Elegance Indoors and Outdoors
Gabriel’s Restaurant is one of the family restaurants Mississauga has with both indoor and outdoor seating. The impressive wine menu will have you wondering whether you want a glass of deep, red wine or a light, sparkling white wine.

While dining outdoors, you can soak in the sun while enjoying a nice breeze and the scenery around you. The tables come equipped with umbrellas for those who prefer to eat outdoors in the shade. Tables are spaced out nicely so that there is plenty of room to sit back, relax and enjoy your meal.