Celebrate Mother’s Day Dinner at Gabriel’s

As Mother’s Day approaches, you’ll find yourself asking: what does mom love? What would make this Mother’s Day special for her? The answer is certainly delicious food, a tall glass of wine and a night out with you.

Gabriel’s Restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate Mother’s Day – all month long! During the month of May, come in for our special promotion where every cut on our menu is USDA Prime meat. She’ll know she’s in for a special treat the moment she walks in the door with a romantic ambience and quality food and that can’t be beat.

Starters With Love

Let mom start off with one of our exciting salads, perhaps the goat cheese raspberry pecan salad. The spinach and baby greens, which are especially delicate this time of year, come tossed with pecans, ripe berries, and goat cheese. Plus, our house-made raspberry dressing is drizzled on top.

Mom’s Favourite Dish

Is mom a fan of seafood, steak, pasta, pizza, or veal? Then she’ll be spoiled for choice as Gabriel’s Restaurant has it all! No matter her taste, she’ll find something she’ll love in our great menu filled with all her entrée favourites.

Our recommendation for Mother’s Day dinner is our pizzas – just the kind of dish that can make the occasion memorable.  Our traditional Italian flavours come from the finest ingredients and are served on a warm, fine crust.

Try our Adriatica pizza featuring a tomato sauce base with chicken, black olives, roasted red peppers, spinach, and a mix of mozzarella and feta cheese. For something a little more unusual, mom might want to try the Boscaiola. For this dish, the same delicious tomato sauce is topped with four fine mushrooms: button, shimeji, portobello, and the often-sought oyster mushroom. Mozzarella cheese ties the dish together and truffle oil brings out the unique flavours of each mushroom.

Wine Pairing for Dinner

Is there a mom in the world who doesn’t appreciate a glass of wine on special occasions? Gabriel’s is sure to have her favourite wine, whether she likes red, white, or a variety from a specific country or region.

Our Ontario wines are a particular favourite for many of our guests. We have a fine red 2010 Merlot “Two Sisters” from Niagara-on-the-Lake. If she prefers white wine, our Peller Estates Cabernet Sauvignon “Private Reserve” from Niagara, which is also a big hit.

Dessert Sweet as Mom

After dinner, treat mom to a dessert as sweet as her. We recommend our in-house homemade tiramisu mousse–a fine way to end your evening. The sweet, fluffy mouse is layered with espresso flavoured ladyfingers. The sponge biscuits are served in a cappuccino cup. Pair it with coffee and spend some more time catching up with mom, she’ll appreciate every moment.

Mother’s Day Dinner in Mississauga

Whether it’s the beginning of the month or near the end of May, celebrate Mother’s Day in Mississauga. Don’t miss your chance to give mom a special moment surrounded by chef-inspired food and those she loves most. Spaces fill up quickly, so contact us or call 905-567-5218 to book your reservations today!

Find Romance This Valentine’s Day at Gabriel’s Restaurant!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, those in relationships know that it’s important to take some time to enjoy your partner and how special they are. No matter how long you’ve been together, everyone still loves to be treated like they’re one of a kind. 

This Valentine’s Day in Mississauga, give your loved one a rich, delicious meal at Gabriel’s Restaurant. You’ll both enjoy an elegant atmosphere and romantic ambience that will make you free from the stresses that the holiday brings. Enjoy fine dining and attentive wine service with your meal – a great way to make the evening a real indulgence!

Focus on Quality Time

For a holiday that’s suppose to be about rekindling the connection between you and your loved one, many people spend too much time in the kitchen or planning intricate surprises. But, most will tell you enjoying one-on-one quality time with each other is more important than any wrapped up gift. Let us take care of the details, so you can take the time to truly relax and unwind together.

At Gabriel’s Restaurant, our atmosphere sets the stage for romance. No matter where you sit, you’ll be surrounded by an intimate setting so you can focus on quality time together. Our dark wood furniture shimmers in the soft light from our elegant lamps. The exposed brick walls bring some rustic enchantment to the dining hall. You can also reserve one of our 5 executive billiards suites.

Valentine’s Dinner For Your Heart’s Desire

Does your partner have a particular craving they love to indulge in? This Valentine’s Day in Mississauga, you don’t have to choose — we can satisfy all palates and flavours. Our executive chef has years of experience incorporating distinct flavours and combinations, the result is a menu that blends a variety of tastes. You’ll enjoy fine quality Italian food, alongside our famous fresh wild seafood and top quality steaks.

When planning for romance, you can’t go wrong with our delectable appetizers. Our prosciutto-wrapped asparagus is a customer favourite! Delicate asparagus spears infused with the smoky character of a prosciutto bundle. Creamy bocconcini cheese and lemon wine sauce marry the flavours amorously together.

If your partner is a seafood lover they’ll be delighted to find we carry delicacies they won’t find in many restaurants. For example, try our nut crusted grouper. This wild pacific fish has a mild, unique yet sweet flavour with a tender flake. We pair it with minced nuts for exceptional texture.

Take pleasure in our hearty specialities and entrees. The Pollo Tuscany brings the taste of the charming and sunny Italian coast to your table. Tender, juicy chicken is paired with fluffy garlic mashed potatoes, covered with a wild mushroom and Quebec blue cheese sauce. Don’t miss our famous House Cut Steak – certified USDA Angus Reserve Striploin the highest quality beef that’s grilled to your perfection served with fresh vegetables.

Wine Pairings

Don’t forget to pair your Valentine’s Day dinner with a glass of wine to sweeten any romantic evening. Choose from our extensive red and wine list to treat your loved one to their favourite drink for a memorable night that will bring back special memories and start new ones.

If you don’t have a preferred wine of choice, we recommend our 2015 Chianti ‘Black Label’ from Piccini, Tuscany. Or if you care for a wine as sweet as your love, try the 2013 Riesling Pondview from Niagara – a popular choice among guests.

Enjoy a little break from your everyday worries with a bottle of fine wine and a delicious meal surrounded by an elegant, romantic atmosphere. At Gabriel’s Restaurant in Mississauga, we cater to your every need so you can truly focus on one another. Don’t wait or leave your special night to chance, contact us or call 905-567-5218 for your Valentine’s Day reservations!

Top 5 Dishes to Eat in Mississauga

Toronto has been receiving a lot of attention for its thriving food scene lately. From new fine dining restaurants to novelty dessert bars, it’s no wonder the city is praised for its food. While all of these popular spots certainly deserve their 15 minutes of fame, you can get the same top quality chef-inspired dishes just outside the busy downtown core.

Mississauga restaurants have long been hidden by the shadow of the big city, making for a growing list of spots that are well worth the trip. Whether you are living in the GTA or are just looking for a break from downtown, Mississauga restaurants serve up some incredible dishes if you’re willing to look around. Gabriel’s Restaurant is a hidden gem located at the intersection of Mississauga Rd. & Turner Valley road, serving up delicious fine dining in an upscale casual atmosphere. Expect fine dining, comfortable elegance, and even more diversity on our menus. We’ve made it easy, here are our top  five dishes you need to eat in Mississauga:

Gabriel’s Gnocchi

The menu offers a wide selection of incredible Italian-inspired dishes, but one of our absolute favourites is the Gnocchi. Potato and ricotta filled Gnocchi are tossed in a parmesan sauce, then topped with prosciutto for a flavorful garnish. The best part? It’s only $10. A great appetizer that’s worth every bite!

Caprese Salad


Caprese salad served in Mississauga restaurant.

For those looking for a lighter dish to leave room for the mains (and dessert), you can’t go wrong with one of Gabriel’s house-made salads. The menu boasts an impressive selection of seven enticing salads, each carefully prepared with hand-picked ingredients. However, if you decide to stop by, no visit is complete without a taste of their classic Caprese Salad. The dish consists of fresh tomato, creamy bocconcini, and a  15-year aged balsamic vinaigrette.

Wrapped Sea Scallops

Any seafood lover knows how delicious Italian seafood dishes can be, and this dish is no exception. The wrapped sea scallops on Gabriel’s appetizer menu, a fan favourite and a contender for one of our most delicious starters. You can get a taste of four large sea scallops, baked to perfection and coated in a grainy dijon cream sauce.

Provimi Veal Scallopini

Veal is another Italian speciality whose flavour simply cannot be replicated by other cuisines. The executive chefs at Gabriel’s Restaurant are experts at sourcing and cooking a variety of veal dishes, each served with a generous helping of vegetables and potatoes. Their classic Veal Marsala is a must, but every one of their veal dishes showcases some of the best Italian food in Mississauga.

House Cut Steak – USDA Certified Angus Reserve Striploin

Angus Steak in Mississauga USDA Certified House Cut Steak.

This list would not be complete without the signature dish. While the appetizers and pasta are delectable, there’s really nothing like The House Cut Steak. The House Cut is a USDA Certified Angus Reserve Beef Steak that absolutely melts in your mouth. The House Cut is available in 10 oz., 12 oz., and 14 oz. sizes all served with assorted vegetables and garlic mashed potato.

If you’re tired of the busy Toronto atmosphere and want a new experience, visit Gabriel’s Restaurant in Mississauga. Next time you’re in town, make sure to try a few (or all) of these dishes, especially the House Cut Steak. Contact us to make your reservations!